About Stephanie

Stephanie is a northwest native, born and raised in the Seattle, Wa area.

In 2005, after 25 years in the corporate world, she left her management position and found her dream property in the woods and meadows of Woodinville, Wa. In 2006, she started her own company helping others – including the elderly and people with special needs, being an in home chef, and a Personal Assistant. She went back to school in 2009 to receive her certification in Nutritional Therapy so that she could add yet another skill set to her  repertoire of abilities to serve others  and to help them achieve success. She is an avid researcher and champion for helping people to move ahead, have the kind of success they are looking for and helping you create your new life.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, new adventures, spending time with family and friends, travel, being with and caring for her dog and cat.

Let her share her experience, strength and hope with you so you can achieve a successful life without being tied to a job that may never go anywhere making someone else rich or working for a corporation that doesn’t appreciate your contributions. I am here to help you create your new life.

How I Became an Affiliate Marketeer

After many years working for corporations and seeing the erosion of the corporate world with mergers, downsizing, lay-offs, taking away resources, and broken promises, I decided to try something different. I left the corporate environment and went out on my own. The first few years were tough, I had to navigate unfamiliar territory, face a lot of fears and make mistakes from which I learned a great deal. After a few years I began to see how my mistakes could help others.

Improving the quality of my own life through change, hardships, pain and life’s general ups and downs I believe I have paved the way to help you create your new life. I have dedicated this site to be a resource for people wanting to learn more about how to leave their current work life, make excellent money, change their environment, and restore their health.

In 2015, I sustained an injury which resulted in my inability to do the things I had been doing and I had to think of a new way to bring in income. After repeated attempts at trying different ways to make money and failing miserably, I looked into affiliate marketing. Although it was difficult for me to change the way I made money and it was hard to navigate through the training and learn something new, I pushed through with dedication and determination. I eventually came across a company by the name of Wealthy Affiliate and my world changed. At first it was like learning a new language. After a time it became easier and I began to build a base of knowledge and stay focused enough to build my business online. It was not easy, but well worth it. I found that after a time, I could generate enough income to completely support myself and a wonderful lifestyle and so can you!!!

Why I want to Help You

To help others is the key to happiness I believe. As an adolescent I struggled to find a clear path that would lead me to happiness and had to be on my own at around age 16. At the time I faced unimaginable loss, from the family I had been a part of to the home I lived in. I was depressed, felt I had been dealt a bad hand and felt alone. Since my home life as a child left a lot to be desired, and having been abandoned by both parents – I had to make my own way in the world. Feeling lost and without good positive mentors, I was pulled into the dark side of life and lived that way until I was around 25 years of age. Around that time I got the help I needed and began to find out who I was, and what I was made of. I had mentors along the way that helped me see a different way to live and I began to have hope. I want to help you, because in all honesty it helps me. It makes me feel good to see others succeed.

My Goal

The purpose of this site is to give you hope, faith and know how to be able to make a living working from anywhere in the world. To be fully self-sustaining, not having to rely on a corporation, a family member or friends to make ends meet. Or maybe you are just tired of working for others in general and you would like to work for yourself? Whatever it is you want to achieve, know that I believe in you and I also know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

By following my simple instructions, I know you can do this. I will help you believe in yourself and your abilities and can help you cross those hurdles with great momentum.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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